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Better understanding of a problem can be a catalyst to solving it. Hunger does not fall from the sky. It is as much a political as a social and economic problem. Hunger can be eliminated if enough pressure is placed on those in power to address this unnecessary and unacceptable suffering. In writing the Atlas, we have come to the realization that empowerment is key to ending hunger. Empowerment takes many forms. Individual action to reduce hunger in a community is a first step. Yes, individuals can make an enormous difference. We see this every day in private voluntary initiatives such as food banks, soup kitchens, or when people simply share food with their neighbors. Collective action is always necessary at broader scales. Government programs such as food stamps, school lunch programs, and meals on wheels that reach the elderly and infirm are classic examples. But if poverty is the driver of hunger, then the sources of poverty must also be addressed. That is, much more can and must be done to provide everyone on this planet with sufficient food, income, and health care to live productive and healthy lives. In this unbalanced world of scarcity and abundance, individual and group initiatives are critical for reducing hunger. This section provides links to organizations and initiatives so you can see what some people are doing. Their activities are inspirational and demonstrate that each of us can make a difference.

Feeding America

Kids Can Make a Difference


Opportunity International

Oxfam America

Oxfam International

Universities Fighting World Hunger