New Hunger Maps

The maps collected in this part of the website do not appear in the Atlas. Emphasis is given here to sub-national scale maps, which reveal patterns that are not visible in the national scale maps.

Collaborate with us to expand this web-based hunger Atlas. We encourage Atlas users with hunger information at various sub-national levels (provincial, state, county, district, neighborhood) to contact us. If possible, we will create new maps based on your data and, of course, give you credit. Contact us at to engage in this participatory mapmaking process.

Food insecurity in Brazil by State--2004

Food insecurity in Brazil by State--2009BF-GrowthFailure-2005

Percentage of poor participating in Bolsa Familia--2008

Child growth failure in Brazil by region--1996

Remittances to Mexico by state--2006

Child Growth Failure in Haiti by Department-2005

Percentage of poor households in Illinois participating in SNAP, 2009

Child Growth Failure in Burkina Faso--2003