Educational Resources

Teachers take note! The Atlas can be used as a course text in any number of classes in which food, health, economic development, international studies, and agriculture figure prominently. It is written for upper-level high school and college students. This resource section is divided into two parts. The first, Teaching the Atlas, contains questions pertaining to each chapter in the Atlas. Angela Grossi, a recent graduate of the University of Illinois, prepared these questions. Thank you Angela!

The second part is divided into two sections. The first, Hunger Reports, provides links to studies on world hunger. Its goal is to provide educators, practitioners, and anyone else interested in understanding the geography and causes of hunger with the most recent information on world hunger. The Food and Nutrition Programs folder contains reports on country-level food security programs. These studies show that with political will and resources, hunger can be eliminated in this world of plenty. If you are aware of reports that you think will interest the users of this site, please send them to